... ☺ Welcome ☺ ...

So many butterflies in my stomach...

I'm so confused...but full with hope...

But it is hopeless, isn't it?


I hope not,...

I like him so much But know I have to wait until the next weekend... so many days  

aaah.... the butterflies goes crazy....










9.11.08 15:53




Es gibt für Alles einen Grund.








12.11.08 22:55

Happily never after
That just aint for me Because finally
I know, I deserve better, after all
I'll never let another teardrop fall
As she drove away she starts to smile
Realized she hadn't for a while
No destination, she drove for miles
Wonderin' why she stayed in such denial...
14.11.08 22:29

I've been travelin on this road to long
Just trying to find my way back home
The old me is dead and gone…
dead and gone…
dead and gone.
 I turn my head to the east… I don’t see nobody by my side
I turn my head to the west… still nobody in sight
So I turn my head to the north, swallow that pill that they call pride
The old me is dead and gone, the new me will be alright...
♥Love this♥
14.11.08 23:26




 But you're just a boy....








18.11.08 21:36

Ich muss dir was sagen...
Ich... hab mich... in dich...
27.11.08 18:57

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